A Different Approach to Strategic Planning

06 Jul 2016 7:54 PM | Anonymous

You are not alone if you say, "great..." (with much sarcasm), when faced with another strategic planning session. You know it’s going to be another Saturday never recovered.  Kids sports missed, silly get to know each other games and often some attendees will feel that the strategy has been mapped out with a smaller group some time before, making the formal session, lip service.  So, off you head....


The word "strategy" is pretty simple.  It means an action plan designed to achieve a particular result.   We use it in business, politics, sport and school (I regularly ask during my parent teacher interviews - so, do you have some strategies we can adopt to help them focus more ... ahhhh, boys!).  We all want our teams engaged and enthusiastic about our strategic plan, so it needs to be kept pretty simple and be achievable, practical and measurable.  Otherwise all that eye rolling is absolutely justifiable.


Your strategic plan must be a living document.  Not one from which the dust is blown off when a potential new board member is doing their due diligence.  This requires a commitment from your planning team that the plan will be practical, understandable, achievable and will inspire your team to get in and make it happen. Additionally, it's important that the plan makes sense to both your internal and external stakeholders. 


A three-year plan is generally a term that most associations are comfortable with.   The projects which drive the plan need to be assigned timeframes, a responsible person/team and able to be tracked and reported against with ease. 


This approach is practical and engages your team in the plan's implementation structure. 


Jane Schmitt is a lawyer by professional with significant experience in executive management and has been CEO and Company Secretary of the Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMA Queensland) since 2009. Jane is available to provide direct assistance to organisations seeking to develop and implement their strategic plans. For more information, please contact Jane on jeschmitt166@gmail.com or +61 417 799 235.

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