A Great Time for Sponsorship

06 Jul 2016 7:59 PM | Anonymous

This year has been a great one for association sponsorship seekers with some big deals coming through. There seems to be a real appetite from potential sponsors to engage in targeted partnerships designed to deliver specific outcomes for the sponsor, benefits for the member and a significant financial return for the association. Some of the deals coming through have included:

  • $150,000 revenue to a state based association from a financial services company.
  • $150,000 cash to state based association from a salary packaging company.
  • $100,000 cash to a national association from an electric vehicle provider.
  • $75,000 cash to a state based association from an international auditing company.
  • $45,000 to a national association from NASA.
  • $25,000 to a very small national association from educational group travel.
  • $25,000 to a very small national association from a technology company.

The Australian election uncertainty, the UK BREXIT result and the ongoing American election dramas have had an impact. We are now seeing many corporates engaging in partnerships taking longer to make their decisions and often making the decision to move ahead at the last moment. Anecdotal feedback suggests this trend is as a direct result of the global uncertainty in the political sphere at the current time.


Those who have been successful in securing sponsorship, whether large or small organisations, have had a few common success factors: 

  • Understanding the outcome the sponsor is seeking to achieve - A willingness to understand the sponsors needs and target a package appropriately (often just asking the question “What outcome do you want achieve with this partnership” can open up a very fruitful conversation),
  • An innovative approach - An innovative approach that avoids offering dull and generally worthless “opportunities” such as “we will put your logo on our website”.
  • An engaging person selling the sponsorship - An engaging, personable person selling the sponsorship who is genuinely interested in building a good relationship with the sponsor (rather than then just making the sale) and generating positive outcomes for all parties – members, the association, and the sponsor.

Julian Moore, Australasia’s top not-for-profit sponsorship practitioner, specialises in charities, associations and other non-profits. He draws on his extensive experience in both Australia and Europe to deliver exceptional sponsorship outcomes for his clients. His work includes in-house coaching and training; Board briefings, keynote speaking and ad hoc consultancy. Julian is an accomplished and entertaining speaker who presents regularly at events. Whether through his presentations or consultancy, Julian focuses on providing practical and useful ideas that can be implemented immediately to start benefiting your organisation.

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