Are your communications "friendly"?

26 Oct 2016 8:12 AM | Anonymous

There is a distinct difference in the "tone" of communications between associations who are successfully engaging their members and those who are performing poorly. 

Those doing poorly have a very transactional communications style. It is geared only to convey information in a bland and unengaging manner. Eg: Welcome to the association. Your membership number is #. Your password is #. 

Those engaging well have a very warm, friendly and engaging communication style. Eg: Welcome to the association. We are looking forward to meeting you face to face and helping you to make the most of your membership. Speaking of which, there is an event coming up in your area next week. Would you like to come along so I can introduce you around to some of the other members? 

When writing communications to members I picture a specific member in my head and then pretend I am writing the communication specifically to them. 

I Also keep in mind is the outcome I am trying to achieve. Eg: If the purpose is to get the new member activating a portion of their membership, then my entire communication is geared to achieve that action. 

What kind  of experience have you have with member communications?


  • 26 Oct 2016 9:28 AM | Drew Fisher - Managing Director Association Insurance Australia & Association Insurance New Zealand
    Hello Belinda & Julian,

    A good read and appropriate advice to which I agree.

    For me, the Associations who engage with their members better than others, always consider to include a 'purpose' to the message and to clearly explain the 'benefit' that the member will receive from the communication. To include these 2 particulars in the engagement communication always (in my opinion) eventuates in a positive outcome.

    Purpose + Benefit = Value
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