Dear Julian


Just finished working with our graphic designer on the proposal for ACCE and he is quite excited about the concept and layout -  and I want to send you my thoughts about the past three days of workshops with my team.  You have been a God send for us! and I mean that most sincerely.  We have been struggling with understanding why what we are doing has not been embraced by so many others and you have quietly and gently made us understand what our strengths and weaknesses have been so that we are starting to come out of the cloud that constantly seems to follow the association from year to year.  Julian you have been an inspiration to us and energised the team to move forward into a new growth phase. Even though we are counsellors we needed your guidance to steer us in the right direction – thank you for your leadership and good sense.   


We hope that over the coming weeks we can learn more from your wealth of knowledge, your humour and common sense approach to our work together. I feel that you have given us the courage to keep going even though I have wanted to give up so often over the past few months! Having someone who believes in us and what we do is worth the struggle and constant hardships.  Thank you for this and for your belief in us as a ‘hidden gem’, thank you for holding our hands as we walk this new journey and thank you for being part of our family – that’s how we see what we do.  


With all our appreciation best regards always



Bernadette Gigliotti

Australian Centre for Career Education

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