Our Membership services are delivered by Belinda Moore, Australasia's foremost expert in association membership. Belinda's services are tailored specifically to clients needs so we'd recommend you contact us to set up a time to discuss your challenges further. Her most popular services include:

In-House Training

Belinda frequently delivers training sessions to Boards and association staff. She can work with you to develop an in-house training session to upskill your staff and/or volunteers. Her sessions are fully tailored to meet the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. 

Sometimes it just takes one suggestion that you wouldn’t think of to change everything. I found that at this workshop." Kylie Hearne, NSW Touch Association

Strategic Planning

Belinda's Strategic Planning sessions are focused, interactive and outcomes focussed. A Strategic Planning day represents a significant investment of the valuable time of key stakeholders in your association (whether Board members, staff and/or volunteers). To ensure this time is well spent Belinda will work with you prior to your strategic planning session to understand the purpose of the planning session and identify the key outcomes that need to be achieved. She will then design an agenda that will ensure that your meeting achieves that outcome. 

"It is hard to fit into one day all of the knowledge and advice Belinda imparts. Wow she did a great job. Now to put things into place." Katrina Baddeley

"Is Membership Dead?" Board and/or Staff Briefing

We are in a period of time where a "perfect storm" of forces are combining to create an environment that challenges the way associations have traditionally operated. Association leaders need to ensure they are fully aware of these forces so they can effectively position themselves to deal with the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that are unfolding. Belinda can deliver a compelling and engaging briefing that will provide your team with an overview of the major issues that need to be considered when planning for the future success of your association. Depending on the depth of insight you require, this briefing can be as short as 45 minutes or as long as a full day.

"I left both inspired and terrified - inspired by the achievable things I could implement straight away and terrified by the depth and enthusiasm I could put into my membership strategy and the possibilities in front of me." Katie Bell, Bicycle NSW. 

Membership Health Check 

This one day strategy session reviews your current membership program and provides insights you can apply immediately to improve your membership results. Our one day Membership Health Check program has been designed to provide an independent review of your current membership strategies and practices for the purpose of identifying and prioritising opportunities to improve your membership performance. After the session you will be provided with a briefing paper that summarises the discussions and recommends practical initiatives that can be immediately implemented to provide a positive impact on the performance of your association.

"Belinda assisted our Council to reassess the value proposition offered by membership of our association, and to look more closely at the segmentation we had been using to identify enhanced opportunities for member engagement. She did this most effectively, and helped Council to better define issues requiring our attention. Whilst challenging them, she moved them constructively into planning mode, and therefore helped to reshape our strategic position. Belinda is a great facilitator and a thought leader!" Garry Pearson, Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch 

Membership Coaching

Our membership coaching program is a fantastic option for those seeking to generate membership results while at the same time ensuring their team have the skills to build a successful and sustainable membership program. This process enables us to train your team members on how to create a successful membership program by coaching them through the process of overhauling your current membership program. Belinda will assist you to set your goals, plan how to achieve them and then work with you to ensure that the plan is implemented in a timely and effective manner. Regular project reports give all involved the ability to track membership performance and the ongoing training aspect ensures that your team can continue to achieve this kind of success well into the future. Coaching timeframes range from 3 months to 2 years. Let us know what you want to achieve and together we will come up with a program that fits in with you.

We found Belinda’s membership coaching service to be a fantastic investment. With 50,000 members we recognise the importance of staying current and contemporary. Under Belinda’s guidance our membership department has been able to significantly reduce costs, increase income and increase our proactive engagement with members and other stakeholders. I’d highly recommend Belinda to any organisation seeking to grow their membership and optimise their recruitment and retention processes. It is well worth the investment in your future profitability." Michelle Trute, Diabetes Australia – Queensland

Keynote speaking

Our team speak frequently at events and can tailor their presentation to suit the needs of your audience. Whether a 40-minute keynote or a full day workshop, we can come up with something that will ensure your delegates walk away with practical insights they can immediately apply.

"This is the first all-day session I've attended where every component was relevant and the presenter kept me engaged for the entire day! Relative, informative, and interactive!! Thank you!" Catherine Brook, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (QLD)

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