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Strategic Membership Solutions (SMS) is Australasia's leading consultancy specialising in sponsorship, membership and training for associations, charities and other not-for-profits. See the services section of our website for more information about what we do. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion about how we can assist you. Our details are:
  • Telephone: 1300 852 303 / +61 413 190 197 
  • Facsimile: +61 7 3319 6385

Our Story

SMS is run by Belinda Moore (formerly Belinda Busoli) and Julian Moore. Belinda and Julian came together both personally and professionally through a fortuitous combination of circumstances. Belinda and Julian met in 2007 after hearing about each other’s successes at work via the association grapevine. Julian had heard about the membership work Belinda was doing in Australia and Belinda had heard about Julian’s sponsorship successes in the United Kingdom. Keen to meet in person, they arranged to meet for a coffee at an event they were attending in Barcelona. It was love at first sight, and many hours later, they were still talking over the same cup of coffee (now somewhat colder). After returning to her hotel room Belinda called her mother and told her "I've met the man I'm going to marry". Lucky for them both she didn't tell Julian about that until after they were engaged! With Belinda's dislike of the cold and Julian's passion for the sun it was a foregone conclusion that Australia would be their home. Julian moved to Australia just a few months later and Strategic Membership Solutions (SMS) began servicing the Australian and New Zealand not-for-profit sectors.

About Our Team

Belinda Moore is Australasia’s leading membership specialists and has worked with a large number of associations, charities and other non-profit organisations to assist them with their membership challenges. She specialises in training, motivating and up-skilling boards, staff and volunteers to improve membership performance. She is the author of two books including "The Membership Machine" and "Membership Fundamentals". More recently she authored the popular paper "Membership is Dead?". Belinda is an experienced presenter and arrives on the platform armed with an array of topics relating to membership. Revealing insights from her personal and professional experiences, she ensures that participants walk away with practical ideas and insights that can immediately be applied.

"Belinda assisted our Council to reassess the value proposition offered by membership of our association, and to look more closely at the segmentation we had been using to identify enhanced opportunities for member engagement. She did this most effectively, and helped Council to better define issues requiring our attention. Whilst challenging them, she moved them constructively into planning mode, and therefore helped to reshape our strategic position. Belinda is a great facilitator and a thought leader!" Garry Pearson, Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch

Resources by Belinda: Membership is Dead Whitepaper; Small Association Turnarounds - A Step by Step Approach WhitepaperMembership Managers' Handbook (2015 Edition) Ebook

Julian Moore, Australasia’s top not-for-profit sponsorship practitioner, specialises in charities, associations and other non-profits. He draws on his extensive experience in both Australia and Europe to deliver exceptional sponsorship outcomes for his clients. His work includes in-house coaching and training; Board briefings, keynote speaking and ad hoc consultancy for those seeking specific assistance with their business development processes. Julian draws on his extensive experience in Australia and the United Kingdom to improve the sponsorship performance of clients. Julian is an accomplished and entertaining speaker who regularly presents at events around the world. During his presentations he gives real world examples and case studies to inspire and engage attendees. Whether through his presentations or consultancy, Julian focuses on providing practical and useful ideas that can be implemented immediately to start benefiting your organisation.

“The Australian Boarding Schools Association had reached 100% membership and was not able to grow, and Julian Moore brought to us the ability to move forward in our Strategic Plan. His engaging nature, ability to make us think outside the square, positive attitude to every hurdle and vision to see our worth made our work together engaging partners incredibly valuable. In all of the time spent together he has taught us the important skills to move forward, develop worthwhile partnerships and work toward growth and development.” Richard Stokes, Australian Boarding Schools Association

Resources by Julian: Creating Compelling Sponsorship Proposals Whitepaper

Angela Shelton, General Manager - With more than 15 years experience across a broad range of areas, including marketing, administration and customer service in both Legal and the Building and Construction Industry, Angela brings a delightful ray of skills to the Concierge Industry. For the last 6 years, she has been part of a joint business initiative in the building & construction industry, which proved to be a most enlightening journey. Her goal is to grow and enhance her professional image and the business’ she represents, by providing five-star customer service to simplify and enhance the lives of her employers and clients to save them time and make them feel valued. Her energy is contagious and she is very passionate about working with people to encourage growth, organisation, motivation and problem-solving both at an individual and group level. This largely stems from her experience as owning a business and dealing with the pressures of modern family life. She brings out the best in the people around her by acting as a role-model, motivator and relationship builder. You can contact Angela on: angela@smsonline.net.au or 0448 138 582.

Karen Robinson, Database Manager - Karen brings over 25 years of experience to information and records management, with skills in managing information across large organisations including the public sector and universities. She has developed and introduced large databases to these organisations and is highly experienced in document classification, Thesaurus development and developing Retention and Disposal Authorities. Working for Strategic Membership Solutions has seen her broaden her experience into the not-for-profit sector and she enjoys the in-depth online research required assisting clients in finding potential sponsorship opportunities. She also works with the SMS membership database updating membership information, and assisting with event registrations. Karen is passionate about sourcing and organising information in meaningful and useful ways, with the aim of assisting organisations to effectively store and make use of their knowledge. Karen can be contact on: karen@smsonline.net.au

TBA, Journalist - Stay tuned ... SMS is in the process of appointing a journalist to develop fresh, relevant and insightful content for the sector.

Audrey Shears, Bookkeeper - Audrey works with Gemini Accounting, and looks after all SMS's accounts. She is an integral part of the SMS team.

Jesse Pearce, IT - Jesse works with NFP IT. They look after all SMS's hardware and software. They are an integral part of the SMS team.

Strategic Membership Solutions (SMS)


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